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"Loaded with powerful fungi and a delicious treat."

"Trend isn't even the right word. Mushrooms are a movement."

"Adaptogenic ‘Shrooms Will Enjoy Even More Function in 2021"

Immune Support

Anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and immune fortifying.

High Functioning

Packed with a whopping 2000mg of functional extracts to support focus, stress and stamina. 

Super Delicious

Just as tasty as your favorite daily bevvie, minus the junky stuff like stevia, sunflower oil, “natural flavors” and gums. 

Black Cold Brew Coffee with Adaptogens


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Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea & Oat Milk with Adaptogens


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Cacao Chocolate Oat Milk Latte with Adaptogens


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Golden Turmeric Latte with Adaptogens


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"Earth & Star has all the features I'm looking for: organic, dairy-free, many of them are caffeine-free, and they support cognitive function and immune health."

Dr. Ellen Vora, MD

Holistic Psychiatrist

"Holy. #$@&%! The Turmeric tastes like happiness + glitter + spices + warmth + warm cake + teenage love . How the #$@&% did you do that? How?"

Dr. Paige Bourassa


"I think of medicinal mushrooms as an essential, reliable, proven and delicious way to support my self care. My favorite snack is the delicious dark chocolate bars. I can literally eat a whole bar in one go. Omg!!"

Paul Kempisty

Acupuncturist and Board Certified Herbalist

Happiness 100% Guaranteed