Tasty AND functional? From ground coffee for brain health to chocolates that tame inflammation — there's a mushroom for that.

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“This coffee is the only drip one I enjoy. It gives me my caffeine boost but the mushrooms seem to enhance my mood. Plus the coffee just tastes awesome.” — Michael B.

"Genuinely the tastiest gummy vitamins I've ever tried - great texture with just the right amount of chew and a realistic fruit flavor with no hint of the myriad mushroom extracts inside." - Kiki

“Worth it! I put two full droppers into my coffee every morning and I’m good. Highly recommend trying it and seeing if it works for you!” — Martin

What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are fancy plants and fungi chock full of natural wonders called beta glucans -- think of them like a therapist for your immune system (we could all use one, amiright?!)

These complex compounds tune into your immunity and understand exactly what your body needs on a deep cellular level.

Brain Drops

Brain Drops

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Immune Gummy

Immune Gummies

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Decaf Ground Coffee + Adaptogens

Decaf Coffee

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Dark Chocolate + functional mushroom extracts

Coffee Chocolate

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"Earth & Star has all the features I'm looking for: organic, dairy-free, many of them are caffeine-free, and they support cognitive function and immune health."

Dr. Ellen Vora, MD

Holistic Psychiatrist

"Holy. #$@&%! The Turmeric tastes like happiness + glitter + spices + warmth + warm cake + teenage love . How the #$@&% did you do that? How?"

Dr. Paige Bourassa


"I think of medicinal mushrooms as an essential, reliable, proven and delicious way to support my self care. My favorite snack is the delicious dark chocolate bars. I can literally eat a whole bar in one go. Omg!!"

Paul Kempisty

Acupuncturist and Board Certified Herbalist

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