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Mushroom Chocolates Rich With Adaptogens

Chocolate is f-ing delicious and thanks to our functional blend, it’s now good for you. 

Our Mushroom Chocolate is made from a synergistic blend of ingredients that won’t only quell those chocolate cravings, but do everything from boost brain power to give you glowing skin. 

We could talk all day about our favorite superfoods, but here’s a quick breakdown of them and why they make our Mushroom Chocolate so. damn. good. 

The Dream Team 

1. Functional Mushrooms 

Each serving of our Mushroom Chocolate contains over 2,000 milligram of functional mushrooms. We use 100% fruiting bodies, which means more benefits for you. 

In the magical world of fungi, there are thousands of mushrooms, each with their own set of benefits. We scavenged the earth for only the well-known mushrooms with science-backed benefits. 

Whatever your goal, our functional mushrooms can help you get there.

  • Chaga Mushroom contains the highest antioxidant content in the entire plant world, giving your cells much-needed protection from free radical damage. 
  • Reishi Mushroom is a powerful adaptogen, leading to soothed tension and greater calm. 
  • Lion’s Mane can bust brain fog and support mental clarity to take on your day.

We can keep going with our favorite mushrooms and their impressive benefits. But for the sake of time, let’s move on to the other superfoods you’ll find in our Mushroom Chocolate. 

2. Minimally-Processed Raw Cacao 

Like cocoa powder, but better. 

Our cacao is the powder that’s used to make chocolate. The higher the cacao content, the darker — and more decadent — the chocolate. 

Cacao is a superfood because of its super-high antioxidant content. These molecules essentially protect your body’s cells from harmful free radicals. 

You might’ve heard that free radicals come from the sun, but that’s not their only source. You can get a hefty dose of free radicals from something as innocuous as your phone screen. In the ultimate act of betrayal, your body may even make free radicals on its own. 

So, needless to say, we’re thankful that certified organic cacao is the first ingredient in our Mushroom Chocolate. 

And there’s something else we love about this superfood. It turns out that cacao contains a plant compound called theobromine, which has mildly stimulating effects. If you ever want a boost of energy — when it’s too late for a cup of coffee — a piece of dark chocolate may be your knight in shining armor. 

3. Heart-Healthy Cacao Butter 

Cacao butter is by far the most delicious way to give your dark chocolate that silky, luxurious texture. It’s too bad the other brands didn’t get the memo, because more and more chocolates are showing up with vegetable oil on their ingredient list. 

First of all, ew. 

Second of all, that’s a shitty move. 

Vegetable oils — far from being healthy — increase inflammation in the body, leading to a host of problems

Luckily, we use 100% cacao butter in our Mushroom Chocolate, which is one of the healthiest fats on the planet. Sourced from organic cacao beans, this powerful butter contains many fatty acids, which are your brain’s preferred fuel source. Plus, its high vitamin E content can promote firmer and smoother skin

4. Nutritious Coconut Palm Sugar

Aside from just plain being bad for you, refined sugar has zero nutritional value. Sure, it’ll give you a quick energy boost, followed by just as quick of a crash, but it has no beneficial compounds that make it worth eating.

So, we decided to nix refined sugar and use coconut palm sugar instead. 

Our Coconut Palm Sugar is sourced directly from coconut palms. It contains tons of prebiotics, which are nutrients for your “good” gut bacteria. Plus, it’s low glycemic index won’t send you on a blood sugar rollercoaster. 

5. All-Natural Essential Oils 

To save money, most chocolate brands add “natural” flavors to their chocolate. 

Thanks, but no thanks. 

Our Mushroom Chocolate is made with essential oils to give it a flavor boost (not that it needs one). Plus, it provides you with an ultra-concentrated boost of healthy plant compounds.

6. Himalayan Pink Salt 

Not to be confused with its estranged cousin, table salt, Himalayan Salt has a high mineral content — just as nature intended. Minerals like sodium and potassium are the stuff that keep your cells humming along smoothly. 

Any deficiency in these essential nutrients and you’re sure to feel it, which makes it important to get enough on a regular basis. 

Plus, you need a pinch of salt to really bring out the sweetness of chocolate. And our Himalayan Pink Salt does that just perfectly. 

100% Certified Organic Ingredients 

We don’t mess around when it comes to clean eating. Pesticides are yucky and we don’t want them anywhere near us. 

That’s why our Mushroom Chocolate is made with 100% certified organic ingredients. Good for you, good for us, good for the environment. 

Low in Calories 

We get it: Even if chocolate is good for you, it can still derail your fitness goals. After all, a standard serving of dark chocolate runs about 200 calories. If only…

Don’t worry, we thought of that, too. Our Mushroom Chocolate contains 80 calories per serving — and only 2 grams of sugar. 

Our Mushroom Chocolate is not only perfect for those watching their calories, but can even fit into a paleo, keto, or vegan lifestyle.

Discover Our Unique Flavors 

When it comes to chocolate, we’re paving the way. 

Not only are we the first to use functional mushrooms, but our flavors are unparalleled. 

Discover our SaltyCoffeeOrange, and Minty flavors. If you can’t pick just one, we have a Variety Pack just for you. 


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