Beauty Drops

Get glowing from the inside out with mushroom extracts for gorgeous skin.

1000mg fruiting body extracts/2ml serving

Suggested Use

Take 2-3 dropperfuls 1-2 times daily. Drop it in your mouth, coffee, tea, smoothie...


Mushroom Extracts for Skin Health

There’s more to skin health than what you put on your skin. What’s on the inside — we’re talking food, hydration, and supplements — can be just as impactful.

To support your skin health, look no further than healing mushrooms. 

While there are hundreds of species of these fungal plants, only some have been used for millennia to promote skin health. These include Chaga, Reishi, Tremella, Shiitake, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane. 

Keep reading to discover how mushroom extract for skin health can give you the glowy, dewy complexion of your dreams. 

Skin Protection and Support

Free radicals are a type of molecule that damage skin on the cellular level. While your body can produce them, they’re most commonly found in outside sources like air pollution, cigarette smoke, and (we all know this one) the sun! 

So, how do these tiny molecules hurt the skin? Well, remember that your body is mostly made up of water — AKA H2O. The O stands for oxygen, which is exactly what free radicals destroy in the body. As a result, healthy cells get damaged, which can show up as wrinkles, sagging, and pesky dark spots. 

Having a strong and healthy skin barrier can help protect your skin against irritants like smoke and sunlight — and we can help with that.

Our mushroom extract can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles thanks to its ability to support a healthy skin barrier and moisture level. 

Some mushrooms, such as Chaga and Reishi, also have high levels of betulinic acid. This is a compound with seriously awesome properties that can support healthy skin cells while they heal. 

Reduction in the Appearance of Dark Spots

If you’ve ever had dark spots on your skin, you know they can be a b**** to clear up, taking months to disappear on their own. To speed up the process, you’ve doubtless turned to different acids, like glycolic or salicylic, usually in the form of a chemical peel. 

Well, what if we told you that mushrooms are actually high in another skin-brightening acid, known as kojic acid

It works by supporting normal melanin production, meaning it may help keep dark spots at bay by making sure melanin is doing what it should be doing. 

Kojic acid is fairly gentle and can be used to help reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by anything from old acne to sun damage. Our Beauty Drops contain Shiitake mushroom, which is known to contain kojic acid.

Stress Response Support

Stress can seriously damage your skin.

It ramps up oil production, leading to clogged pores that may eventually turn into angry, red cysts. Plus, it makes your immune system more sensitive, which means that skin conditions like acne, eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis suddenly get worse. 

And if that’s not enough, being stressed out can lead your body to break down collagen and elastin, which is the stuff that makes our skin smooth, supple, and firm.

Yeah, we know the drill: Meditate every time someone looks at you the wrong way and never skip a yoga class. 

But sometimes, we just want the stress to go away without investing so. much. time. 

Mushrooms can go a long way in helping with the effects of stress on your skin. Species like Reishi, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane adapt to your body’s stress hormone levels, working to help maintain balance as needed. For those who are extra stressed-out, mushrooms can be a serious skin saver.

Your Healthiest Skin With Earth & Star

What you put on your skin is definitely important — but nothing is better for your skin than overall good health… and we are here to help!

Including mushrooms in your daily routine can reduce free radical damage, support wound healing, break up dark spots, and protect your skin from the effects of stress. 

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