Brain Drops

Lion's Mane in a super concentration for your super concentration.

1000mg fruiting body extracts/2ml serving

Suggested Use

Take 2-3 dropperfuls 1-2 times daily. Drop it in your mouth, coffee, tea, smoothie...


Lion's Mane Extract: Brain Drops

Let’s get one thing straight: Lion's Mane mushrooms are the future of brain health. 

While it may seem crazy a mushroom can work to support the health of your brain, improve your concentration, and protect your neurons, they really can do just that!

Confused? We’ll explain.

Our Lion's Mane extract is a high-quality, natural way to support your brain health with ingredients from the earth, so you can trust the sh*t you’re putting into your body. 

Read on for a closer look at our Brain Drops

What Is Lion's Mane?

Lion's Mane is a particular mushroom species commonly found in North America and Asia. 

It’s used widely in the culinary world for its delicious, savory flavor, but it has also been used for centuries in medicine. It is a beloved mushroom with a significant role in the fungi world. 

What Are Lion's Mane’s Medicinal Properties?

The Lion's Mane mushroom has been used in medicine for hundreds of years. In particular, its fruiting bodies and mycelium can support your health in several key ways, especially when it comes to immune support. 

But in recent years, scientists have begun to discover that this medicinal mushroom has way more to offer than we thought. 

The health benefits of Lion's Mane are pretty mindblowing. 

Lion's Mane has powerful effects on the brain. It supports the neurons, helping them repair themselves and create new ones. It also encourages healthy neurogenesis by supporting protein levels in the brain, helping the cells in your brain stay strong. 

This particular mushroom species, also called Hericium Erinaceus, doesn’t work like all those other nootropics or brain-boosting products. 

While some products aim to produce a higher abundance of neurotransmitters, our Brain Drops focus on helping your neurons function properly, enhancing your entire brain’s health — not just certain parts. 

Overall, the superfood Lion's Mane helps support your digestive system by reducing swelling, your immune system by supporting the bacteria in your gut, and your brain and nervous system by supporting the health of your neurons. 

On top of all that, Lion's Mane contains several powerful antioxidants, which can help protect and maintain healthy cells. 

What Does It Do for Me?

Because your neurons will be healthier due to the higher amount of protein in the brain, you can expect several benefits from Lion's Mane supplements that will affect your day-to-day life — in a good way. 

Our Brain Drops are the best way to do it. Here’s what they can do for you.

Mental Clarity

Once your brain cells have all of the specific proteins they need, they are free to function optimally. If the neurogenesis processes are supported, your brain can send signals faster and more effectively. 

This works to support your cognitive function and focus. It can help nix mild cognitive impairment from brain fog and stress. 

Support Memory

Healthier neurons also mean a healthier memory. Lion's Mane mushroom extract can support the wellness of the areas of your brain responsible for memory. These mushroom supplements work to maintain the health of your memory in the long run, keeping your brain healthy and functioning optimally. 

This is, in large part, because these mushrooms support proper levels of nerve growth factor in your brain, building up the parts of your brain needed for solid memory function. 

Organic Mushroom Brain Drops

Our Brain Drops here at Earth & Star are especially good for your health because we use organic Lion's Mane. But it doesn’t end there.

Dual-Extraction Process

In addition to using organic ingredients in our Brain Drops, we also use a dual-extraction process to get our mushroom tinctures. By utilizing alcohol and hot water, we make sure to extract every possible nutrient from the mushrooms. 

Some nutrients in Lion's Mane cannot be absorbed by the body because they are locked behind walls called chitin. The hot water breaks down the chitin, allowing more nutrients to come through, and the alcohol gathers the rest of the valuable nutrients, making for an incredibly powerful dietary supplement. 

Brain Drops

Our Brain Drops are meant to fortify your brain, support your mind, and lift your cognitive function. Try Brain Drops today to experience the benefit of powerful Lion's Mane extract. 


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