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Mushroom Tinctures

The future is fungi — and we want you to be there for it.

Our Mushroom Tinctures contain a concentrated form of our favorite mushroom superstars, like Chaga, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane.  

Our Mushroom Tincture is super easy to use — no powders to mix, no liquids to warm up. Just put a few dropperfuls into your water, coffee, or mouth.

And, hey, we actually want you to get the full benefits of mushrooms. That’s why our tincture contains 1000 milligrams of mushroom extract per serving, a super concentration for your daily use.   

Aside from that, let us tell you a bit more about what makes our Mushroom Tinctures different. 

1. Powerful Benefits 

We’re keeping connected to traditional healing practices from places like China and Russia — that’s why our mushrooms come directly from the source. 

Our Mushroom Extract can offer you tons of amazing benefits in line with their uses over thousands of years. 

Boost Brain Power

To help you beat brain fog, we created Brain Drops — a powerful tincture with an ultra-concentrated dose of Lion’s Mane. This mushroom is known for supporting focus, memory, and all-around mental clarity. 

Get Glowing Skin 

You can slather on serum after serum, but glowing skin comes from within. To give you an extra boost of radiance, we created Beauty Drops — which contain an ultra-concentrated dose of our favorite beautifying mushrooms, Tremella and Shiitake. 

Shiitake is full of polysaccharides, a type of carbohydrate that helps feed the beneficial bacteria shacking up in your gut. In this day and age, we’re all well aware that your gut can impact many parts of your body — including your skin. 

So, by keeping your microbiome nourished, you’ll be giving it what it needs to keep your skin firm, smooth, and radiant. 

Tremella also contains polysaccharides, working in tandem with Shiitake to nourish your microbiome. Plus, it may improve your body’s hyaluronic acid levels, giving your skin an added boost of moisture. 

Support Your Immunity 

To give your immune system an extra helping hand, we created our Everything Drops — which contain a blend of Reishi, Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Turkey Tail. These mushrooms work in different ways to boost immunity.

For instance, Reshi belongs to a class of herbs known as adaptogens. These plants adapt themselves to your body to bring things into balance. So, if stress levels are especially high — which can suppress your immunity — adaptogens like Reishi can bring things back to baseline and keep them there, too. 

Chaga can also support immunity, albeit in a different way. It has an extremely high antioxidant content — the highest in the entire plant world. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals — which are harmful molecules that we mainly get from the environment. Too many of these can make it hard for your immune system to function properly. 

2. Dual Extraction Process

Earth & Star uses a dual extraction process to increase the bioavailability of our mushrooms. 

The first step includes water extraction. Water-soluble compounds, like beta-glucans, aren’t easily absorbed by the body because they’re locked behind a “wall” called chitin — a truly tough exterior. 

Hot water can dissolve chitin, making compounds like beta-glucans available to the body for absorption. This liquid is then collected and concentrated while the mushroom material is ready for the alcohol extraction process. 

Alcohol releases the remaining compounds that aren’t water-soluble, like triterpenes, forming another concentrated liquid. The two final concentrated liquids are combined to form a tincture with a full array of bioactive compounds. 

FYI: You might want to be wary of labels like “raw,” fermented,” or “micronized.” Only extraction guarantees that beneficial compounds are broken down and ready to be absorbed by the body.

3. 100% Mushroom Fruiting Bodies

Our Mushroom Tinctures use only fruiting bodies and never the mycelium. 

The fruiting body is the part that grows above ground, while the mycelium is what provides the mushroom’s structural support. In other words, the fruiting body is like the head of the lettuce, while mycelium is the root. (It’s pretty clear which you should be eating.)

In the U.S., it’s cheaper to grow mycelium, which is why so many brands use only this part in their tinctures. But what’s cheaper isn’t necessarily better. 

This is why we use only 100% fruiting bodies — so you get the absolute most from every dropperful of our Mushroom Tinctures. 

4. Certified Organic 

Your well-being is our bottom line. That’s why our Mushroom Tinctures are made with 100% organic ingredients. 

Not only does going organic reduce your exposure to harmful toxins, but it can actually increase how much nutritional value you’re getting from your supplements. 

Plus, going organic supports a healthier environment. Nasty chemicals like pesticides can deplete the soil of valuable nutrients, leading to all sorts of environmental problems — not to mention producing food that’s void of essential vitamins and minerals. 

On the other hand, organic practices build up the soil, leading to food (and supplements) with a way higher nutritional profile. So, you’ll be getting a much bigger bang for your buck. 

5. Zero Junk. Period. 

Unless it benefits you somehow, you won’t see it on our ingredient list. Like, at all.

This means you won’t see anything like preservatives, “natural” flavors, or artificial sweeteners. Just pure mushroom goodness. 

Check Out Our Mushroom Tinctures 

We can’t settle on just one, so we certainly don’t expect the same from you. 

You can use our Mushroom Tinctures to support all of your wellness goals. 

Want to boost brain power? We got you with our Brain Drops. Craving that glowing skin? Our Beauty Tincture got you covered. How about a little bit of everything? We thought of that, too. 

And if you want it all, then our Variety Pack will have you stocked for days. 


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