We also believe in delicious ways to make that medicine go down. That’s why we focus on the habitual products you already know and love. Our products combine potent doses of functional mushroom extracts with the most powerful nootropics and adaptogens on the planet.

We’ve paired the synergistic long-term health benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms, like Chaga and Reishi, with the more immediate effects of nootropics, like Lion’s Mane and L-theanine.

The result: your daily habits, supercharged with science-backed functionality so you can sleep better, run faster, work smarter, and stress less. 

Caps and Stems, 

not Roots and Grains


You might be shocked to know that most mushroom products on the market don’t contain any mushrooms. Really. Mushroom companies use one of two different forms of mushrooms: The first type is the actual mushroom cap and stem called the fruiting body. The second type is mycelium, and you should generally avoid it. Mycelium is the root system, and the fruiting bodies are the actual mushroom part that you see above ground, in this case, the mushroom caps and stems.


Companies who use mycelium will grow these roots on top of a grain substrate, mostly rice or oats. Once mycelium roots grow, the roots and grain become intertwined and impossible to separate. Mushroom powders containing mycelium consist of about half roots and half filler (rice or oats), and almost zero beta glucans, aka, the compounds that provide all of those promised health benefits. They use mycelium because they can mass produce it in a fraction of the time, as it only takes one week to mature.


Compare that to fruiting bodies – what we use, which is a much more expensive growing process that takes anywhere from two months to several years and contains high concentrations of beta glucans.  We wear our label on our sleeve and are obsessive about transparency.  If you’re looking for an actual mushroom product that doesn’t have hidden grains and fillers, avoid formulas that use mycelium or any variation of that word. 

The FunGAL behind the FunGHI


My fascination with adaptogenic mushrooms began cira 2015, when after having my first baby, my brain broke. My memory was shot, my focus had faded, and the words didn’t come quite as easily. I started learning about functional mushrooms and adaptogens and incorporating them into my most convenient daily obsession: coffee.

After only a few weeks of taking Lion’s Mane extracts, I started to feel “normal” again – like I was finally firing on all cylinders, even when I wasn’t getting a full night’s sleep, which was most days.

That was the moment the first thread of the fungi sweater was pulled, and it’s been unraveling ever since. 


Before discovering the powers of the Fungi Kingdom, though, I was knee-deep in the Plant Kingdom -- specifically raw foods and green juice. 

I founded BluePrint Cleanse, the first cold-pressed juice company, waaaaay back in 2007.  BluePrint delivered the health benefits of fresh green juice and plant-based foods, long before “plant based” or intermittent fasting was “a thing.” Since not everyone was a fan of eating plants, we created a way to sneak it in, just a little bit every day. 

The idea was simple: you shouldn’t have to overhaul your lifestyle, embark on a detox retreat, or become a raw-foodist to reap the health benefits of plants. There should be a delicious and convenient way to incorporate plants on the daily, without changing your routine.  That’s what we did with BluePrint Juice. (I’m sorry and you’re welcome).

Fast forward a decade later, and I’m back at it – sneaking healthy fungi into your daily delights.  


I don’t like being sick, and I don’t like restrictions on things that make life, well, FUN.  You should live your life, enjoy your vices – whatever that means for you -- but also find balance by doing the necessary little things, every day, to build up your “armor” so that you can offset that “fun,” and withstand the inevitable late nights, flu seasons, or just your basic run-of-the-mill global pandemic.  Utilizing food -- and in this case, Fungi -- as preventative medicine, is an incredibly powerful tool and what our ancestors have known for thousands of years.

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and it’s become very clear that this new frontier requires a different, more proactive approach to health.  We need increased immunity, better cognitive function and stronger overall health, and we need it before, not after the fact.

Enter Earth & Star.

We’ve spent years collaborating with doctors, psychiatrists, acupuncturists and leading functional medicine practitioners to formulate the most efficacious products we know you’ll love, and your body will thank you for -- we hope you’ll give them a try.  

Mush Love, 
Zoë Sakoutis 

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